3 Tips To Help Train Your Dog Teaching Them Patience, Focused Attention, and Obedience While Increasing Their Hidden Intelligence:
Conquer the Pains of Training Your Pup and Putting an End to Bad Behaviors While Making Them a Calmer, Smarter, More Obedient Companion
Posted on July 14th, 2018
Learn how to QUICKLY eliminate any behavioral problem with tips from a professional certified dog trainer no matter how badly you think it’s ingrained... No matter what kind of dog you have...

With 10+ years of experience and over 25,000 dogs trained you can now have the knowledge in a perfected "Battlefield-Tested" system for creating an incredibly well-behaved, intelligent dog who follows your every command!

With the right mental stimulation and training.. your dog’s brain will become open and receptive to learning new information, leading to a more obedient, intelligent, and happier animal companion.

If you want to learn how to put an END to:

     1.) Hyperactivity 
     2.) Excessive barking
     3.) Agressive behaviors
     4.) Chewing
     5.) Ignoring your comands 
     6.) and so much more!!!

Then be sure to check out the tips below and get started on training your pup today.

For the following lessons below, doggie treats and pet clicker are recommended for positive reinforcment and clear communication with your pup. 

Though these items are not required they are scientifically proven as the best tools to assist in training your dog quickly and effectively.

REMEMBER!!! Behavior issues do not self-correct over time and will get worse... Don't let your dog become even more set in their ways. 
Tip #1: Draining Your Dogs Energy - Making Them More Obedient and Easier to Work With
Regular exercise and mental stimulation are just as important as food and water for your dog. While some pups may seem content to curl up on the couch, others have a never-ending supply of energy... 

If your dog is not given the opportunity to burn off additional energy, it may lead to destructive behavior and bad habits. 

Many pet owners don't realize letting their dogs run around and get some physical exercise for a few minutes each day can help resolve many bad habits. 

Physical and mental activities can help drain extra energy levels and keep your furry friend occupied... 
Then when its time for training they are calm and focused on the lesson at hand (or should I say paw?)

It is recommended to get at least 30 to 60 minutes of physical exercise with your animal companion everyday. This can be done through a variety of activities such as:

     1.) Going for a walk around the neighborhood or to the park.
     2.) Playing fetch or  tug of war with their favorite toy
     3.) Spending time with other dogs.
     4.) Water activities such as swimming in the lake or at the beach. 

Giving your pup an opportunity to get some exercise and burn off energy will leave them less likely to spend a few hours digging up holes in the backyard or chewing up someone's favorite pair of shoes.
For rainy days and when you don't have time to go outside there are other ways to get your dog some exercise within the home.

Fetch in the house can work if you have enough space and having a staircase is even better. Place or throw a treat up to the top of the staircase and have your dog go get it. Please be mindful of dogs who suffer with joint conditions or arthritis.

Playing hide and seek by stashing a treat or their favorite toy somewhere for them to find can be a fun game to play. This is both good physical and mental exercise for your pup.

In addition to hid and seek, other mental games are a good way to burn up the pups energy. Puzzle toys that will keep your dog focused on finding hidden treats can be found online or at your local pet store keeping them entertained.

Ensuring your pooch is has at least a few minutes each day of physical activity will go a long way in promoting obedience and a positive behavior.
Tip #2: Target Training - Grabbing and Holding Your Dogs Attention
When first getting started training your furry friend, an IMPORTANT SKILL is knowing how to grab and hold their attention...

Target training is a crucial in that teaches your dog where to focus their attention so they can further develop their training and intelligence.

Target training can boost the confidence of timid dogs as well as allow better control of your pet when trying to get them safely and calmly past something that may intimidate or arouse them. 

First start by getting your dog comfortable with having their attention focused on you. To do this, hold open your hand at your companions nose level with palm facing them...

When they sniff or lick your hand and contact is made with skin, signal a click for positive reinforcement and give them a treat from your other hand. 

Make sure their nose touches your skin and click the instant contact is made.

When your dog does the initial first sniff, they are instinctively saying to you "What is this?"
This is just their attempt to satisfy their own natural curiosity. Be sure you’re ready to catch that first curious sniff with a click and treat!

This exercise is training your dog to focus his attention on your hand and associating it as a source for reward. How you move forward with rewarding your dog after working with them on this simple exercise can either lead to very good behaviors to develop or very bad... 

Clicking too soon can teach them to stop before they touch you allowing there attention to break.

Clicking too late, will teach them that moving their nose away from you is the way to earn a treat.

If your dog doesn’t sniff your target hand, make your hand more enticing by rubbing a small trace of food like the moister of sandwich meat or hot dog.

If after a few repetitions and your dog begins to ignore your hand going directly to the source of the treat. Take a few steps back and hide your treat hand behind your back. Then offer him the target hand and wait till he responds. Be ready for the Click and Treat when contact is made!

REPEAT these steps until they deliberately bump your hand with their nose and have them focused. 

From there you are now able to hold their attention and your relationship opens for communicating more complex tricks and training.

Target training is a useful tool that it can not only be applied to your hand but also other locations and objects. 

Target spaces and objects can be used to keep your dog both cal and focused in the perfect state for training lessons.

Congratulations!!! Your pup has now learned an important skill that will assist them in their journey to becoming a more intelligent and better behaved companion.
Tip #3: Patience and Impulse Control
Constant barking... Disregarded personal space...Blocking of doors and pathways...Rushing their way in and out of the house or up and down the stairs... And of course the jumping...

Dogs can sometimes be pushy and impatient no matter the size or breed. That is why it is important to know how to manage their impulses and teach them patience.

Impulsive actions are a trait that both dogs and humans share. They often override any sense of safety or comfort for both themselves and others nearby and can lead to harmful consequences...

If you find yourself routinely jumped on or shoved to the side with little consideration by your pup. Understand that they are giving into their desires and when your dog wants something, they want it NOW! 

But just like we can teach children who share a similar weakness for giving into temptations. Our pups can also learn that calm and polite behaviors are more effective in getting what they want.
When faced with your pooches impulsive actions... first identify what they want or trying to accomplish. This is the reward that your pup desires.

Barking for food, pushing to get out, or jumping for the leash are all poor behaviors that your animal has learned will lead to their reward...

The key to changing their bad habits and teaching your pup patience is having a little patience yourself... Poor behaviors will NOT continue if they are not rewarded.

When faced with an undesired impulse that your dog is only initiating to get a their desired reward.. wait till your pooch has stopped the habit after continuing to be denied and realizes their is a connection between their behavior and consequences.

If your about to go for a walk and your pup begins jumping for their leash... continue to hold the leash with your target hand and wait until they have stopped and calmed down... 

Only when your dog has stopped the bad habit do you reward them...

REMEMBER CONSISTENCY IS CRUCIAL... Be patient and wait for the behavior you want to reward. Frustration and irritability will only increase your companions excitement and confuse them.

Rewarding only positive behaviors while being consistent in preventing encouragement of negative impulses will teach your pup patience while becoming a more obedient companion.
Conclusion: Physical Activity, Targeting, and Impulse Control
We now know that DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is crucial in keeping your dogs energy levels low... leaving them focused and less prone to destructive behavior.

TARGETING allows you to grab and hold your dogs attention after burning off that excess energy while increasing their focus and boosting confidence.

Rewarding only positive behaviors and preventing encouragement of negative IMPULSES will teach your pup patience while becoming a more obedient companion.

Though these tips are a great start to boosting your pooches intelligence and training,..

So much more can be learned with the BRAIN TRAINING COURSE FOR DOGS and was the exactly what helped me train my handful of a pup Toasty who I was almost ready to give up on..

When Toasty seemed to be picking up a new bad habit by the day and felt I had no control I found Adrienne's course online and almost didn't consider giving it a chance...

But after just a few days working with Adrienne's dog training course and using her fun simple brain training games with Toasty.. He was quickly on his way to putting an end to bad habits and now no longer continues to run my life or house hold.

Brain Training Course helped me tackle any conceivable problem I faced with Toasty and allowed us to grow a stronger relationship. That is why I started this blog to help others who need help in training there friendly companion and spread Adrienne's knowledge and experience that has already helped so many pups and their families.

Check out the Brain Training Course for Dogs provided in the link below and get started on increasing your dogs intelligence while becoming a more obedient companion.
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